HOPE Moisturising Lipstick

HOPE Moisturising Lipstick

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HOPE Moisturising Lipstick’s velvety feel on your lips makes it irresistible.It is the must-have pink shade. At twice the size of a standard lip stick and plastic free, its the best sustainable beauty purchase!

Hand-poured and made in small artisan batches, our moisturising lipsticks begin with nature’s best plants and minerals. It contains no fragrances, no synthetic preservatives, and no FD&C dyes. Go ahead, lick your lips.

Coconut Matter’s Moisturising Lipstick collection is creamy and luxurious-feeling on lips. It is also teeming with hydration benefits of omega fatty acids, and handmade with nature’s best plants and minerals – it means you can lick it too.

HOPE comes in an eco-friendly 100% biodegradable push-up tube that set you apart from the crowd! Be the icon – live with less plastic and inspire change.


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Avocado Oil:

This ultra rich oil is a delightful treasure containing high amounts of Vitamin A, B1, B2, D, and E. Also contains amino acids, sterols, pantothenic acid, lecithin, and other essential fatty acids.

Throughout history avocado oil has been renowned to have healing and regenerating properties. It is very useful when treating sun, climate or chemical damaged skin that is dehydrated and undernourished. It is reported to help regenerate and rejuvenate the skin as well as soften the skin tissue. Avocado oil is well known as a nutrient for penetrating dry skin and resolving other skin problems.

Our Avocado is pressed from the fleshy pulp surrounding the avocado pit, and refined for purity and beautifully rich.

Candelilla Wax:

Vegan Candelilla Wax is extracted from the Candelilla shrub that is found in Mexico. Rich in nutrients, it helps to bind other ingredients together to make an all green, vegan lip balm.

WILD Virgin Coconut Oil:

WILD organic virgin coconut oil is sustainably produced from fresh, wild coconuts. Our oil is cold pressed by hand within 60mins of harvest in the pristine Solomon Islands and coconut oil’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties are well known for their health and protection qualities.

Pure Grape Seed Oil:

Pure Grape Seed Oil is delicate and light-coloured, extracted from seeds of the grape. Known for its incredibly strong antioxidant and moisturising properties, it also helps to carry other ingredients deeper into your skin.

Organic Cocao Butter:

Cocao Butter Organic and Unrefined is rich in emollient moisturising properties, rejuvenating for the skin and naturally rich in antioxidants.

Grade A Raw Shea Butter:

Fair Trade, unrefined Grade A Raw Shea Butter is extracted from the wild nut of the African Shea tree using sustainable and natural methods by women living in the Northern region of Ghana. Our Shea Butter is of the finest quality and intensely nourishing, it is also gentle and easily absorbed into your skin.

Carnauba Wax is a natural vegetable wax exuded by the leaves of a palm tree (copernicia cerifera) native to and grown only in the northeastern Brazil.

An inactive ingredient, Isoamyl Laurate imparts a silky skin feel to the lipstick. Isoamyl Laurate is the ester of isoamyl alcohol and lauric acid, and we only use the plant-derived, 100% natural form of this ingredient.

Castor wax is derived from the plant Ricinus communis. This oil is hydrogenated to make a hard, brittle, high melt point vegetable wax. It is used to bind the ingredients and disperse pigments naturally.

Natural minerals are the natural choice for formulating cosmetics, including CRUSH. These naturally occurring oil soluble minerals are made from refining and purifying mineral rocks, and they are approved under EU regulation for cosmetic use without restriction. Our natural mineral selection has particle sizes ranging from 10-60 microns, which will allow your skin to breathe while offering protection. We do not offer nanoparticles as these may penetrate all layers of the skin and enter the bloodstream.

We only source from PATA certified manufacturers to provide animal cruelty free products. We also ensure that all our natural minerals are free from forced labour of any kind. We do not stock natural minerals containing artificial dyes, as we prefer to keep our products as natural as we possibly can.

Derived from the purple berries of a small, leafy shrub, Elderberry extract helps our lipsticks resist microbial contamination and control microbial growth, with added perks of antioxidant and condition to the skin.

Tocopherols Vitamin E (Natural):

One of the purest forms of cosmetic Vitamin E possible, with a minimum of a 70% mixture of Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta Tocopherols in Sunflower seed oil. Tocopherol ensures Coconut Matter Moisturising lipstick’s freshness and quality, and adding antioxidant properties.

Tangerine essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of the citrus rind and added to give Coconut Matter Moisturising lipstick’s a mild fresh, citrusy, sweet, fruity aroma. Diluted to only 0.3%, it is generally child and pregnancy safe.



TIP: HOPE is perfect as a cream blush. Simply swipe a few small lines on your hands and blend with your fingers across your cheekbones. For longer staying power and a defined coverage, apply our Moisturising Lipstick with the help of a lip brush.